First date questions? Sure.

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I’m a writer in New York City. I lived in Los Angeles for awhile working on TV shows. Some you know, some you probably don’t. I had a great time, I was just ready to move back home. I love New York and it’s easier to travel to Europe from the east coast.

I went to the University of Michigan. Yes, Ann Arbor's the best! I go back every year.

My major? Political Science. I interned for the Mayor’s Office of the City of New York while I was in college. In my free time I’m still pretty involved in government. While I was in LA I served two terms as an elected Board Member of the Mid City West Community Council, an advisory board to LA City Council. I was also a founding Board Member of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council’s Young Professionals. It’s a non-partisan group dedicated to bringing international programming and discussion to the city of Los Angeles. I served as Chair of Events & Programming. It’s always been important for me to make global issues accessible to people, to start dialogue and make connections across cultures. I like to hear people’s opinions, what fuels or bothers them. I bring up politics a lot and it’s very possible I’ll ruin your cocktail party. I’ll try not to! Seriously, still invite me.

What spurred my interest in other cultures? Maybe it's because my mom’s from Ukraine, but speaks French when she’s had a couple glasses of le vin. Also my father could curse in a variety of surprising languages. Both of my parents instilled a healthy curiosity in me. When I was sixteen I went to Spain on my first foreign exchange and studied abroad a couple more times in high school and college. I'm open with food and conversation and have proven I can remain happy while living out of a (very large) suitcase. 

The first time I traveled alone as an adult was in 2014, and I quickly figured out Tinder was a great way to combine two of my favorite things: handsome guys and discussing other cultures. I was learning about my destination from the horse’s mouth, albeit some very good-looking horses. You can read about the Berlin Wall, or ask a guy who grew up in East Berlin what it was like to cross a checkpoint to visit his grandmother in the West. How crazy is that? Follow along and I’ll fill you in on all sorts of stuff.

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