First thing’s first:

I’m not a woman who travels the globe searching for a husband. Kudos ladies, but that's not me. I’m a serial solo traveler who likes to meet people and is curious about the world. I throw myself into other cultures, try to understand how their histories inform them, and learn how to ask for red wine in their languages. And yes, I date their men.

It’s a different kind of ‘getting to know you.’ I’m dating my destination.

I quickly learned that geo-based dating apps are an efficient way to meet local guys who are happy to show me around and share insider knowledge you can’t find in a guidebook. I’m discovering places to eat, things to see and do, all from the mouths of locals. Notice something on the street or in the news? I ask my dates to fill me in on their perspectives of pressing matters… from how the refugee situation affects daily German life to the global proliferation of manbuns. It’s a different kind of “getting to know you,” I’m dating my destination. 

So yes, some of these guys become more than guides.

But let’s be real: I’m a single woman with a pulse. These are interesting, good-looking men with sexy accents; it’s not uncommon to find something in common. And part of me believes marrying a foreigner will put me one step closer to owning a villa one day. So yes, some of these guys become more than guides. 

You can’t blame me for promoting international relationships! Besides, if it doesn’t work out I know where the best local bar is and how to ask for red wine like a pro.

In the interest of spreading global knowledge, I’m putting my dating life on blast -- sharing stories of what I’m learning about the world, one date at a time. 

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